What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer

Some good examples from vape-bloggers on topics like dry herb blends, vape oil concentrates, or vegan vaping are at the end of the post.

Here are two posts on dry herb blends that will give you an idea of the different dry herb blends in the market and why they’re so popular:

Both features vaping perspectives, what kind of users are they, what are their thoughts on the best vapes for dry herb, where they recommend to start and who they recommend. Some readers will be surprised that a lot of folks prefer dry herb, considering that dry herb is often regarded as a “harsh” mixture, with some spice and flower and weed that’s too dry and doesn’t blend well. Many who write vapers would like to smoke or vape dry herbs because they say it tastes like dry herbs and that it’s flavorful and enjoyable.

That being said, we’re not gonna talk about vaping, but about what people usually get for their vaping products. We’ll mostly focus on concentrates and dry herb vape blends (although some guys use herb and vape concentrates).

Our readers ask us a lot of questions about different vaping products, so we tried to answer the most commonly asked questions on dry herb blends.

What is a dry herb vape blend?

A dry herb vape blend is essentially a vape that is mostly dry herb and maybe some flower. That’s it. In general, we recommend vaping dry herbs whenever possible.

A dry herb vape blend is made of dried herb only (flowers and dry leaves aren’t really considered dry herbs) and usually contains fewer ingredients than a dry herb vape, such as vape oil, glycerin, and a thickening agent to help it stick to the throat. A vaper or vape company could produce a dry herb vape blend in any flavor as long as it includes at least the vape oils that are usually used to vape dry herbs, while sweeteners are usually not used.

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