What is Vaporizer

After countless bits of advice ranging from “smoke a blunt, that’ll kill it” to “don’t smoke it” and finally “don’t sniff it, that’ll kill it” my wife convinced me to try a vaporizer. I’ve made vague comments about it here and there for the past few months, so much so my wife finally decided to do some research on the topic and make a point to use it.

In the interim she has turned me onto a truly fantastic line-up of (clean) rips and she bought me a neat little vaporizer. She convinced me to give it a go and I’m more than glad I did.

A quick note before I give a personal review of the products I’m describing here, let me give a shout out to the guys behind the Breezometer Vaporizer. The Breezometer Vaporizer came highly recommended and actually got me to finally try one. These guys have taken their product to market, but a similar product called The VaperiMelt has been in use for the past couple of years. I’ve reviewed The VaperiMelt in the past, and actually paid more for my own product than I did for this unit. The guys at The VaperiMelt have taken a rather obscure product and given it a little more exposure through their website, which makes their product and their brand quite unique.

One item on this line of products that I’m looking forward to is the release of the VaperiMelt Mini. This vaporizer looks to be a much smaller and slightly cheaper version of their flagship product. They will release this vaporizer for around $130, so not much higher in price than the Breezometer. The quality and longevity of the product is expected to be roughly the same (at least in terms of pricing), so I look forward to hearing some results from this unit in the near future.

If you are interested in the Breezometer Vaporizer, you can purchase one at The Backwoods Vapor Shop.

Another product I’m interested in is The Vapor Habit’s Ultimate Vaporizer. This vaporizer is almost exactly the same as The Breezometer, but will be much more expensive.

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